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[D] It is absurd that an entire field devoted to automatic text summarization keeps all of its information in papers

  • I wonder what the most important advances in my field have been in the past month. I could go on arXiv and search every paper in ML… eff that noise. I’m going to arxiv-sanity and twitter! That’s sane! There’s no way I can miss anything important this way! Every company should track their changes through tweets!
  • Hey this paper sounds amazing. The abstract is great. All I need is the main algorithm with every variable clearly described, how it’s different from current techniques, and the results! Oh the algorithm they used is the one not in the box? And it’s described across four pages, and not in order of operations? Brilliant!

Papers are a great storage format for reference, but we’re all in CS. Why are we using the storage format as the information retrieval format?? That’s insane. It’s figuratively like we’re trying to understand code changes, but instead of documentation, we could use diff, but we don’t even do that and we just compare the old files and the new files by eye…

Are there any non-profits working on this? OpenAI, can you become non-sketchy for like 10 seconds again and get this thing hammered out? Anyone?

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