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[P] Web-based implementation of Deep Image Prior

[P] Web-based implementation of Deep Image Prior

Using TensorFlow.js I implemented a client-side version of Deep Image Prior. It can be used for denoising, inpainting, super-resolution (not implemented yet) and more. It works by training a network to output a given image. More info about the algorithm can be found on the original authors’ project page.

There are still a couple of things that need to be resolved such as mask-drawing on mobile (the page scrolls when drawing right now) and the comparison view becoming stuck after the first image was selected. Also I’m not sure how well this works on devices without GPUs, although on my relatively old phone (Nexus 6) and my PC (GTX 1070) it worked reasonably well.

Inpainting example 1

Inpainting example 2

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