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[D] I feel like a small data point that one day hopes to be a good dataset in this field.

Hello all artificially intelligent Redditors:

Little background about me, I am soon to graduate with a BS Software Engineering from a decent university. This is my final semester I am in and I just took a class on AI. Now, my math background is significantly better than the bare minimum of any degree program. However, I still feel I don’t have enough math knowledge to pursue AI with a full understanding. Currently I have taken Calc 1, Calc 2, Discrete, and Probability Theory (have to take that last one over the summer). I understand python really well so I can make assumptions on different aspects of code. However when it comes to the real analysis of it all (the models, activation possibilities, etc) I am really lost. I REALLY REALLY want to do this for a living because I think its super cool, but real hard. What would be your advice on being more versed in this realm. Would you go into a masters program and if so where (Looking for best value so not expensive nor dirt cheap). I will add edits as I may have forgotten to add somethings. Thanks in advance.

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