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[D] “Face it, it’s over when the Physics PhD “Monster Mind” hotshots hit the job market”

With webpages like this freely accessible to all, I assume everybody here already knows that there is a tidal wave of former IMO/IPhO/Part III “mega-hotshots” (who got tired of doing QFT problem sets) set to finish up their ~Machine learning in Physics~ PhDs (or similar) within the next 2-3 years. Look into the eyes of every single individual on this list — (and if you look them up, about half of them are doing ML stuff) — you can literally feel their scintillating intellects, and they’re coming for your ML jobs soon. How is everyone planning to keep up with advancements in ML once these “monster minds” finish their PhDs? Is ML over for ordinary folks?

(And by the way, this isn’t a troll post. If you think you’re on the same level as these folks, that first guy I linked has literally been to fucking space — that’s the level of hotshot you’re dealing with here. What I’m describing is therefore a real, actual “phenomenon”, which has to be contended with, that is, the existence of “mega-hotshots”, currently walking the halls of the Stanford physics building, and elsewhere, set to burst onto the scene. )


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