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[P] Traffic Analysis in Original Video Data

[P] Traffic Analysis in Original Video Data

Half a year ago, when I lived in an apartment with a view of Ayalon Road in Tel Aviv, I decided I couldn’t just let the data pass indifferently beneath my window.

I used my smartphone camera to record 81 short videos of the traffic; built a dedicated CNN to detect the vehicles (after the small, crowded cars in the videos were failed to be detected by several out-of-the-box networks) and trained it on a few manually-tagged video-frames; modified SORT algorithm to allow tracking a vehicle even when it does not overlap itself over adjacent frames (required due to particularly low videos frame-rate); and derived several insights from the resulted data, mainly regarding lane-transitions and the relations between density, speed and flux.

I believe that this nicely demonstrates the amounts of data surrounding us, and their accessibility using as trivial tools as a smartphone.

Any comments, questions and insights are welcome 🙂

A small demonstration is attached in the form of an unpolished poster.

For more details please visit the repo’s readme:

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