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[P] DOVPANDA: A really awesome open source that will save your life while using Pandas

Obligatory disclaimer – this is not my project, I just thought it’s awesome and you guys should know about it.

This time, it’s Directions OVer PANDAs or DOVPANDA. From the GitHub description:

Directions are hints and tips for using pandas in an analysis environment. dovpanda is an overlay for working with pandas in an analysis environment.
If you think your task is common enough, it probably is, and Pandas probably has a built-in solution. dovpanda is an overlay module that tries to understand what you are trying to do with your data, and help you find easier ways to write your code.

In other words, it will help you write better Pandas code by giving you great hints & tips on how to do just that.

I always like packages with a simple integration, and this one is no different. Just:

import pandas as pd import dovpanda 

And you’re good to go.
It’s most useful when working via notebook but displays hints and tips in the console as well.

I wonder if there are any similar tools for other widely used data science / ML libraries. Please share if you know any.

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