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[D] Tips for a high schooler in terms of eventually getting a top program for a PhD in ML/AI?

Hello! I’m a senior who is currently applying to undergrad programs.

I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for what programs I should apply to and what I need to do to make into a top 5 PhD program (i.e. UCB, Stanford, CMU, Caltech, MIT).

I’m mostly interested in what steps I can do as a high schooler to help increase my chances as I hear that these programs are incredibly competitive. I don’t think I will be competetive for T20 school but I hope I will get into a T50 school like UW, Colorado School of Mines, Grinell, or RPI for my undergrad (all of which I am happy with). Are there any other good programs for grad placement that I should apply to? Should I take any programs out?

Also, what should I do in order to help me later on? I’m planning on taking some AI related online courses.

Should I try to get a research position (btw, can I get this at a community college in Washington or no) or should I try to get an internship at a company like Microsoft or a startup?

My stats can be found here:

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