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[R] [P] UNC BIAG Releases Mermaid, Pytorch based image registration toolkit

We are thrilled to release our image registration toolkit after a long time! 🔥🔥

You can quickly prototype and test your image registration pipelines with Mermaid, based on PyTorch. 🌟

By using Mermaid, it is convenient to utilize GPU acceleration for registration models. PRs, questions are welcome! 🙌

We also have another package called easyreg, it wraps Mermaid and uses deep networks.

Github repository:


Related papers:

Region-specific Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping

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Networks for Joint Affine and Non-parametric Image Registration

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Metric Learning for Image Registration

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Quicksilver: Fast predictive image registration–a deep learning approach

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Fast Predictive Image Registration

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