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[P] – NLP and Optimisation project feedback, is this a good idea?

Hey Guys, Looking for some feedback – Delete if not allowed.

We’re a data science company that runs competitions (like kaggle for finance). We’re about to run our first competition that requires ML approaches to do well. The competition is for students in the UK where the problems are an Optimisation (e.g. using reinforcement learning) and an NLP (e.g. by fine-tuning pre-trained neural networks)

The problems are sourced from top firms and are real problems that their data scientists and quants are working on. There are three problems covering different aspects of data science with a focus on the finance space.

Cash Prizes of up to $5000
AWS Credits up to $1000
10x Genuine Impact Investment Research Subscriptions

Does this sound like an interesting project or challenge? Would you as a student be interested?

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