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[R] Implementing an idea.

Text Modulation Audio book(TMA)

Many people don’t enjoy the traditional reading style to know the story of a book; and have replaced this monotonous style with audio books. Actors and Authors have to take out a lot of time to make an audio book. This consumes a lot of time which could be used for other fruitful activities. Some people have tried to use the text to speech tool, but that bland, robotic sound is equivalent to the reading method. TMA will not only convert text into speech, but with the help of AI it will detect the genre and accordingly add appropriate voice modulation and also some background music. It will detect the genre through some key words, for e.g if the program finds ‘crime’, ‘murder’, ‘evidence’ etc. in the text, it will take it as a thriller genre and if it finds the author as ‘Agatha Christie’ then it will know the mystery genre through the data fed into the program. This will not only save time, but will also allow readers to read books consisting of 1000+ pages(e.g Mein Kampf, IT, etc.). This will help in the field of education, by attracting more and more students towards books and help them by building their vocabulary, IQ and EQ. This will change the current scenario and make reading books a lot more interesting.

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