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[D] Fuel Accelerator (feedback requested)

Hello all, I am new to this Group. Mods- please delete if this isn’t acceptable.

I am facilitating year two, of the State of Arkansas’ “growth stage tech startup” accelerator program, dubbed Fuel. Fuel Accelerator

A few highlights for everyone (feedback and questions welcome!):

+12-weeks (Tue-Thu); Jan-May in Bentonville, Arkansas *Travel, Meals, ans Lodging (not currently included)

+1-on-1 mentorships with the area’s largest Enterprise players (i.e. Walmart, Tyson Foods, JB Hunt Transportation, University of Arkansas, Walton Family Foundation, Simmons Pet Food, WinRock/Heifer International are all headquartered in NW Arkansas).

+Dedicated mentorships- beyond a few working sessions and office hours. An ability to directly partner and scalably generate revenue.

+You’ll be working out of The Exchange office in downtown Bentonville (Walmart-owner) with a dynamic itinerary that’s fully catered towards matchmaking and partnership, to advance your purpose.

+Focused on AI/ML technology. However, this field is broad enough to encompass a lot of industries and applications.

+No equity exchange. The Fuel program is 100% free (less expenses)

+Weekly CEO Roundtables with successful start-up founders, including: Revunit, Startup Junkie, Slims Chicken, Onyx Coffee Labs

+Demo Day will include VCs and wealthy investors from across the Midwest, too. piggybacking off this event: Heartland Summit

Additional Links:

About Northwest Arkansas

Arkansas Ag Profile

Top 10 Producer (USA) in: rice, timber, eggs, broilers (chicken) soybean, catfish, cotton.

Gov. Hutchinson AEDC Press Conference

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