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[P] Need suggestions/tips for scraping Twitter data

Hey guys, I just started my Masters Program in AI and our prof threw an assignment at us: Find an IEEE paper and recreate the results… Okay.. I have 0 background in any of this stuff but here goes.

I’ve got one on NLP (with the code, but without the dataset) and I’m trying to scrape twitter data. I researched that there was a python script which allows you to do this, however it requires that you have Twitter Dev Permissions. I made a Dev request, made an App and got Consumer API Keys and Access Token Keys. However, my permissions are set as read and write only. If I want to scrape tweets (with certain #) is read and write enough access for me to export to a CSV file to later use to train the model?

I’ve posted on /r/MLQuestions but haven’t gotten a response there so I’m hoping I’ll have better luck here. Hope someone with more experience can shed some light on the topic.

Thank you!

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