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[Discussion] Google Patents “Generating output sequences from input sequences using neural networks”

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for generating output sequences from input sequences. One of the methods includes obtaining an input sequence having a first number of inputs arranged according to an input order; processing each input in the input sequence using an encoder recurrent neural network to generate a respective encoder hidden state for each input in the input sequence; and generating an output sequence having a second number of outputs arranged according to an output order, each output in the output sequence being selected from the inputs in the input sequence, comprising, for each position in the output order: generating a softmax output for the position using the encoder hidden states that is a pointer into the input sequence; and selecting an input from the input sequence as the output at the position using the softmax output.

News from the UK is that the grave of some guy named Turing has been heard making noises since this came out.

What would happen if, by some stroke of luck, Google collapses and some company like Oracle buys its IP and then goes after any dude who installed PyTorch?

Why doesn’t Google come out with a systematic approach to secure these patents?

I am not too sure they are doing this *only* for defending against patent trolls anymore.

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