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[D] ML Researchers Book recommendations thread

Few years ago, I had stumbled upon Michael Jordan’s book recommendations for budding researchers in the field. Since then, I have tried to go through many of them even though I am not currently enrolled as a researcher in any university.

Here is the link for the book recommendation.

If you check out the books, the recommended books give an idea as to how Prof. Jordan view the problem of Machine Learning and what approaches he prefers more than other.

Then it occured to me that I do not have similar book recommendations from other noted researchers to understand about what they think to be a good approach towards solving machine learning related problems.

So, I would like to call for help in crowdsourcing the book recommendations from noted researchers in this particular thread for the ease of all.

If they have previously mentioned somewhere, please link the post.

If they haven’t and you or anyone you know are working under them, it would be great if you could get them to answer the question:

What are some must read books for people who want to devote many decades of their lives to the field?

Thank you !

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