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Acing Data Science Interviews

According to Indeed, there is a 344% increase in demand for data scientists year over year.

In January 2018, I started the Acing AI blog with a goal to help people get into data science. My first article was about “The State of Autonomous Transportation”. As I wrote more, I realized people were interested in acing data science interviews. This led me to start my articles covering various companies’ data science interview questions and processes. The Acing AI blog will continue to have interesting articles as always. This journey continues with today’s exciting announcements.

First, we are launching the Acing Data Science/Acing AI newsletter. This newsletter will always be free. We will be sharing interesting data science articles, interview tips and more via the newsletter. Some of you are already subscribed to this newsletter and will continue to get emails on it.

Through my first newsletter, I also wanted to share the next evolution of the Acing AI blog, Acing Data Science Interviews.

I partnered with Johnny to come up with an amazing course to help people ace data science interviews. Everything we have learned from conducting interviews, giving interviews, writing these blogs and learning from the best people in the data science, we packaged that into this course. Think about the collective six plus years of learning condensed into a three month course. That would be Acing Data Science Interviews.

At a high level, we will cover different topics from a data science interview perspective. These include SQL, coding, probability and statistics, data analysis, machine learning algorithms, advanced machine learning, machine learning system design, deep learning, neural networks, big-data concepts and finally approaching a data science interviews. The first few topics provide the foundation aspects of data science. They are followed by the data science application topics. Collectively, all these should encompass everything that could be asked in a data science interview.

The first sessions will start in the second half of September 2019. We are aiming to have a small group of 15 people. The original course will be only 199$. We are focused on quality and would like to provide the best experience and hence, we want to keep the small group size.

Acing Data Science Interviews

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Acing Data Science Interviews was originally published in Acing AI on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.