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[N] Save forests by predicting illegal deforestation with big data!

I’m working in IT (think somewhere between sysadmin/security and operations) at WWF Netherlands. A colleague of mine who’s involved in the ‘Early Warning System’-program asked me to help me spread the following.

WWF would like to invite you to participate in a Request for Proposals (RfP) to become a tech partner in the Early Warning System (EWS) program which entails the development of a machine learning model to predict the risk of illegal deforestation using big data.

The RfP process began August 5th. Please have a look at the full RfP with technical details on the website and the Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to submit your application when ready as we will be reviewing on an ongoing basis.

If this is not appropriate let me know! If you have questions, ask.. If you have really difficult question, still ask but I might have to check with one of my colleagues 🙂 Do not hesitate to share this, let’s use tech for good.

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