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[D] How to create a neural network for the game Ult. tic tac toe?

Hello I want to create a neural network for the game Ult. Tic tac Toe. It is my first neural network that I will create. Is my approach good? I want to have 90 inputs to the layer(81 representing the sub boards and 9 the global boards, -1 for occupied by O, 0 for empty and 1 for occupied by X). I want to include one or two hidden layers with 40 nodes each(Sigmoid function). The output layer has 1 output node ranging from [-1,1] representing 1 that X will win and -1 that O will win.

I want to play the neural network against itself. I want to have a dataset of 50 games. Then I want to interpolate each board state with the probability of winning. For example X won in 20 rounds, initial board has target output of 0 the next states 0.05, 0.1,0.15……, then backpropagate. What do you think?

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