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[D] Financial assistance for attending ICCV as a speaker


I recently got a paper accepted at ICCV as an oral presentation. I’m super stoked about this but unfortunately struggling to find money to pay for my trip.

I was a post-doc when I worked on the project and submitted the work. I have now left to industry. My present company won’t pay for me to attend for reasons. The previous grant I was employed on is “running low” on its travel budget so they will not assist. If I were still a post-doc, I don’t think this would be an issue..

My ex-boss said she would look for some money, maybe her discretionary fund but I’m not hopeful. This leaves with me self-funding the entire trip, which is looking around $2000.

Are there any avenues I can explore for help? Have others been in this situation and managed to salvage some money?


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