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It’s high time that we should act against degrading quality of conferences, and research works! [Discussion]

As suggested by the title, we all know how frustrating it could be to get a paper published in very popular journals, not only they have a poor quality of reviews, but also due to the fact that a LOT of scavengers haunt these places. These people, all they want is credit, and fame from the works of others.

Not only this, these guys will literally stalk you of your academic research just to get that subtle hint of [this guy’s work might be related to mine, as well as accuse him of “paper is not cited by you”] . I mean common guys, this is a place where science is to be developed, not to get on each others throat for some petty gains.

My next argument is the shit qualities of reviewers on the research paper conferences (I will not name them). Reviewers literally point out issues that are trivial, and aimed to delay the acceptance date of the paper. They will post poor quality of reviews on papers, some will go even further to flame the researcher and start an argument.

This scenario is so fucked up, demotivates me to core, and makes me never want to submit a paper to these publications/conferences.

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