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[D] Mobility within ML teams at Facebook

Hello /r/MachineLearning,

I am currently applying to some ML teams at Facebook, and was wondering how much mobility there is within different teams once you are in?

I applied for a few positions and am currently being interviewed for a role either with AML or with a product team. Is it possible to migrate between these two once I am employed there? And is there any path to getting into FAIR from one of the more applied teams, with a year or two of experience, through some internal transfer?

I don’t know any one working within Facebook who’d have some first hand experience so it would be very useful to have some information before I sign an offer and find myself stuck in a position/team that I don’t really like. The salary and conditions are great but I would like to be more on the research side, and am a bit worried of getting pigeon-holed as an applied product guy if I join.

Finally, do you think it would be relatively easy to get a job in a more research-oriented team in another company after some time within an applied ML facebook team?

Thanks for any advice you might have!

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