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[N] NeurIPS 2019 Traffic4cast Competition

Link to competition: Traffic4cast — Traffic Map Movie Forecasting

Predict high resolution traffic flow volume, heading, and speed on a whole city map looking 15 minutes into the future! Kicking off a series of annual competitions, this year’s data is based on 100 billion probe points from 3 cities mapped in 5 minute intervals, showing trends across weekdays and seasonal effects. Improved traffic predictions are of great social, environmental, and economic value, while also advancing our general ability to capture the simple implicit rules underlying a complex system and model its states.

Join us for access to challenge Contest data data and code.

We provide a unique data set derived from trajectories of raw GPS position fixes (consisting of a latitude, a longitude, a time stamp, as well as the vehicle speed and driving direction recorded at the time). The data is made available by HERE Technologies and originates from a large fleet of probe vehicles which recorded their movements in multiple culturally and socially diverse metropolitan areas around the world throughout the course of an entire year. The overall number of raw probe-points that we share with the scientific community is based on the unprecedented number of over 1011 probe-points, corresponding to over 300,000 frames, which at a 24 frame/s play rate would give in excess of three hours data-movie footage.

To assist you getting up and running, IARAI provides a number of useful utilities, Loader code, and some Baseline Models through the Traffic4cast project at Github. The project is open to contributions, so please feel free to share your code, too! Once you have first results, you can test them in the Core competition by submitting your predictions, with scores available within an hour on the Core leaderboard. The Submission system will be open for submissions from 15 July until 15 October. The three top-ranked teams in the core competition leaderboard are honoured at NeurIPS and receive up to $10,000 cash value prizes. Special awards include fully funded 12-month Research Fellowships at IARAI in Vienna. Please use the Competition Forum for discussions!

We look forward to your contributions and seeing you in Toronto.

For the Organizing Team at IARAI,Sepp Hochreiter, David Kreil, and Michael Kopp

Key Dates: 15 Jul … Leaderboard live

15 Oct … Submission deadline

30 Oct … Award announcement, symposion invitations

7 Dec … Traffic4cast symposion Toronto

8 Dec … NeurIPS

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