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Startup Takes On Cancer Treatment Procedure With Quadro RTX-Powered AI

As more physicians turn to the latest advancements in technology to improve medical practices, one company is bringing the power of AI to the fight against cancer.

Most people know that chemotherapy and surgery are used to treat cancer, but thermal ablation is often under the radar. It’s a minimally invasive process that applies intense heat to tissue to remove early-stage tumors.

Thermal ablation is a safe, effective procedure that’s quickly becoming one of the best alternative treatments for cancer, especially for patients who are unable to undergo surgery.

To date, doctors performing thermal ablation typically haven’t had the tools to visualize or control the damage created during the procedure. This means tumor removal could be incomplete or healthy tissue could be harmed. Plus, physicians needed to wait up to 24 hours to see how effective the procedure was on the targeted tissue.

To address this challenge, Israel-based company TechsoMed has developed BioTrace, the world’s first real-time monitoring and control system for thermal ablation.

With the help of NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs, BioTrace uses AI algorithms applied to image data from ultrasound devices to perform monitoring and analysis during thermal ablation procedures.

The technology tracks the real-time biological response of the tissue so physicians can have better visibility and understand the results of the cancer treatment as it’s performed.

RTX Brings Real-Time Results 

For BioTrace to process data instantly and provide real-time feedback, TechsoMed runs advanced AI algorithms using dual NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 graphics packed inside a Lenovo ThinkStation P920 workstation.

Quadro RTX 8000 is the world’s most powerful GPU based on NVIDIA’s latest Turing architecture and features Tensor Cores specifically designed to accelerate AI algorithms.

TechsoMed uses two RTX 8000 GPUs paired with NVIDIA NVLink high-speed interconnect technology to scale up performance and memory capacity to 96GB, which is critical when working with massive image data in real time.

“BioTrace is taking the guesswork out of ablation procedures through AI algorithms and image processing technologies, and the NVIDIA RTX GPUs help make it possible,” said Yossi Abu, founder and CEO of TechsoMed. “By defining the exact algorithm practitioners need to visualize the results, RTX enables our work to bring thermal ablation procedures to a new level.”

The real-time feedback from BioTrace brings benefits such as faster recovery, fewer potential complications and less damage to surrounding healthy tissue. With RTX powering their simulations, doctors can take advantage of higher resolution images and real-time feedback to improve accuracy and minimize damage.

Find more information about TechsoMed’s BioTrace or learn more about NVIDIA RTX.

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