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[R] Seeking model makers for a research interview (comp provided)

Hello all,

We are working with a client who would like to better understand machine learning/deep learning “model consumers.” We define a model consumer as someone who finds, builds on, and tweaks models made by others for his/her own needs.

We are seeking research participants that:

• Are model “consumers” at least half the time (as opposed to only model makers)

• Work directly with machine or deep learning technologies

• Consider themselves end users for apps or tools for building solutions using ML/DL (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, etc.)

• Typically try to resolve questions on data sets via ML

• Are involved in training models, etc.

• Are applying ML/DL for profit, startup, commercial, or governmental applications (i.e. not university setting)

• Are not employees of Microsoft Azure, Google AI, Amazon Sagemaker, IBM, Data Robot, XILINX

We are conducting 90-minute interviews with a compensation (based on experience) for your/their time. These interviews will be done via Google Hangouts. The first 45 minutes is Q&A. The last 45 minutes is getting feedback on conceptual screens. I know this seems like a long time, but deep learning requires deep discussion.

I would appreciate any leads that fit the above.

Thanks everyone

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