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[D] Want to public 12 CVPR papers in two years? Attention and Saliency Is All You Need!

For five years I have been playing with reinforcement learning and some computer graphic, but recently I decided to give up all my previous researches and begin my journey on attention and saliency. It seems that it is easy to make massive CVPR publications every year by combining modules, for example:

(please pay attention to the paper title and the first (or join-first) author “W. Wang”)

CVPR 2019:

Salient object detection with pyramid attention and salient edges

W. Wang*, S. Zhao*, S. Hoi, J. Shen, and A. Borji.

CVPR 2019:

An iterative and cooperative top-down and bottom-up inference network for salient object detection

W. Wang, J. Shen, M.-M. Cheng, and L. Shao.

CVPR 2019:

Shifting more attention to video salient object detection

D. Fan, W. Wang, M.-M. Cheng, and J. Shen

CVPR 2019:

See more, know more: Unsupervised video object segmentation with co-attention siamese networks

X. Lu*, W. Wang*, C. Ma, J. Shen, L. Shao and F. Porikli

CVPR 2019:

Learning unsupervised video object segmentation through visual attention

W. Wang*, H. Song*, S. Zhao, J. Shen, S. Zhao, S. Hoi, and H. Ling

CVPR 2019:

Reasoning visual dialogs with structural and partial observations

Z. Zheng*, W. Wang*, S. Qi*, and S.-C. Zhu

CVPR 2018:

Inferring shared attention in social scene videos

L. Fan, Y. Chen, P. Wei, W. Wang

CVPR 2018:

Salient object detection driven by fixation prediction

W. Wang, J. Shen and A. Borji

CVPR 2018:

Revisiting video saliency: A large-scale benchmark and a new model

W. Wang, J. Shen, F. Guo, M.-M. Cheng, and A. Borji

CVPR 2018:

Attentive fashion grammar network for fashion landmark detection and clothing category classification

W. Wang*, Y. Xu*, J. Shen, and S.-C. Zhu

…(much more hidden)

I think I HAVE to give up all my previous researches and start my works on attention and saliency, otherwise all my job and teaching opportunities will disappear because these people are so “talented”.


OK. Here I would like to add some suggestions to make this post constructive. I strongly recommend IEEE CVPR to have a longer and a more meaningful PC meeting, maybe somehow like that of SIGGRAPH, to have some discussion on the “multiple submission” issue.

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