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[D] Successfully Deploying GPT-2 in a Flask Web App

Has anyone been able to successfully, smoothly deploy GPT-2 in a Flask web app? If you have, would you mind pointing me in the direction of resources to help accomplish this myself?

I’ve seen a few instances of GPT-2 deployed with UI allowing users to generate text on their own, but the performance has been much shoddier and more erratic than what I’m capable of producing on my own system (sampling is either straight up bugged, or spits out fairly repetitive mush).

I’m in the later stages of building a platform that presents educational materials relating to language models, and some of machine learning’s role in NLP tasks, from understanding to generation, hitting upon super entry-level concepts, recent architectural innovation, and some social/societal ramifications of the state of the art, etc. All in all, it’s aimed at relative beginners and curious enthusiasts, but also includes plenty of resources for more intermediate and advanced users.

I’d really like to incorporate an interactive space for my users to experiment with GPT-2 firsthand. Website and everything is already built out, in Flask, just sort of struggling with some devops and deploy stuff.

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