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[D] Seeking Advice On Road To Becoming ML Developer

I’m an undergraduate studying Physics and Math and decided a few months ago that I want to break in to the ML field as a career (previously I wanted to pursue Physics/Academia). I was hoping some people working in the field here could offer some advice as to what it takes to get there.

I’ve been learning about ML in my limited free time during the semester and I’m hoping to take advantage of the summer to help make myself marketable in around a year or so (I’m graduating next Spring). I’ve been mostly reading about theory through things like ISLR and various resources for Neural Networks/DL. I have a reading list covering several facets of the ML field. I applied and interviewed for a few ML/DS internships but didn’t get any of them due to lack of practical experience. My plan is to work on a few projects to build a portfolio and fill that hole in my resume. One of my main concerns is figuring out what kind of problems/projects to tackle, any advice in this area is welcome. I’d really like to work on projects outside of tutorials but I can’t seem to think of anything to work on.

I guess what I’m asking is: What can I do over the course of the next year to make me a strong candidate for ML/DS jobs? I feel like there’s this gap between me and getting a job in the field and I’m not sure how to cross it. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks In Advance.

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