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[P] Nextjournal: Hosted ML notebook platform

Hi all,

for the past 3 years we’ve been working on a new computational notebook platform for Data Science: Nextjournal. Our goals were to make computation more accessible and automatically reproducible, so it becomes easier to collaborate and build on top of each others work. With full GPU support and templates for Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, TFLearn, etc. it’s quite easy to get started on a new ML project in Nextjournal. There’s also a collection of ML notebooks already published on out platform.

We opened signups today so if this sounds interesting to you head over to and check it out.

Here’s a list of what else Nextjournal can do:

  • Nextjournal runs Python, R, Julia and Clojure all in the same notebook. Let docs, code completion and per-line errors help you out along the way.
  • Import your existing notebooks (Jupyter, RMarkdown and Markdown) or get started with an existing template.
  • Install any package or system library you need. In Nextjournal you have full access to the filesystem to install anything you want. With the click of a button, you can save your environment reproducibly as a docker image.
  • In Nextjournal, your notebook and your data is versioned automatically, all the time. If you break something, simply restore a previous version.
  • Easily mount your S3 or Google Buckets or import private GitHub repositories. Secrets are stored encrypted.
  • Share drafts using a secret URL or invite collaborators to edit in real time.

Happy to answer any questions that come up!

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