Month: March 2017

Toronto AI – After Work Social

Date: 2017 04 07

Firkin on Bloor

Are you exploring AI?  If so, well then just try to at least socialize with others exploring AI once in a while 😉   We’re connecting people like you in the AI community together to discuss advancements, share opportunities, sketch ideas, and connect.  This event is just social, so no laptop is required, but you will need one for the next workshop we’re planning 🙂  Bring an inquisitive mind and let’s see you there!

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Intro to AI – Getting Started

Date: 2017 03 22
Firkin on Bloor

Hello world! 🙂

Bring your own laptop, we’ll be diving into some artificial intelligence. Also, we’ll be looking at setting up some actual code with some of the libraries out there which we’ll build upon for with future meetups. We’ll be introducing a hello-world equivalent using the scikit framework for this session.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, all that matters is your interest in the subject, the rest will work itself out

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