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eGPU vs Cloud Computing Cost/Benefit [Discussion]

Hello all, I recently found a used eGPU enclosure for extremely cheap (about 50% off of retail).I am about to purchase it because of how good the deal is, but I want to know the benefits of using one for training purposes.

I’ve seen many people using them for training algorithms, but what is the cost/benefit vs just renting the computing power in the cloud?I will mostly be working on personal projects related to full stack development, but I will always be doing machine learning on the side and probably training an algorithm at least once a week.The thing about the enclosure, is that if I ever decide to upgrade in the future, I will always be able to just switch out the card, and regardless of laptop/gpu and power consumption (psu can be upgraded), it will always be useful as thudnerbolt 3 is still proprietary and isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon.

For those of you training in the cloud, do you wish you had an egpu? Does the cost balance out over time?It’s so cheap… .that i’m talking getting an enclosure AND a card for about $230, which is ridiculous. How much cloud computing power will that buy you?

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