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[D] Case/Motherboard for multi GPU build

Hello world!

I’m running a project requiring a significant amount of compute where it’ll be cheaper to buy RTX cards outright (+electricity) instead of running them on the cloud.

I’m looking for a rack-mountable option that can house 8 GPU (can settle for 6 GPUs+ 1 network card).

So far I’ve found:

  • ASUS 4RU ESC8000 – excellent fit for a hefty price tag (AUD 10K) that I’d rather put toward the GPU.
  • Mining cases/motherboard – very cheap but rubbish layout.
  • A few online tutorials for building smaller systems but they are limited to < 4 GPU.

Other requirements:

  • Dual PSU support, for obvious reason.
  • Will need to allow a minimum 128GB of RAM on the motherboard, ideally 256GB+
  • Ideally PCIe x16 Gen 4 but can settle with Gen 3.

I’ve also considered:

  • Electricity: yes, I have 3-phase feed, won’t burn the house down 🙂
  • Cooling – high powered split AC (for the small room where this live)
  • Networking – second hand InfiniBand.

Now the big question:

Are you aware of there that fits this bill?

Budget: $1000-2000 for the case + motherboard. Probably another grand for the CPU (not too important), and however much the RAM are gonna cost, lolz.

Thanks in advance!

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