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[D] Is there software that I can “train” to recognize my handwriting and convert to text? (Or actually decent OCR software out there?)

I recently got an app that allows me to write on a designated notepad, take a picture, convert to a PDF, and then export. This is super cool, but it would be even better if I could convert the handwritten PDFs into text. I’ve read some about OCR but I’m wondering if there is some software out there I could train to recognize specifically my handwriting. I imagine it would be a lot less error prone because it would be personalized, but I’m not sure if there’s such a thing out there.

I did work in an AI lab and understand the basics of how training the programs work, so I know it would technically be possible, but is this software out there somewhere already? Could I foreseeably train some rudimentary program with open source software available on github or the like? Or, maybe is there just some pretty good program out there already that’s decent enough to recognize fairly poor, half-cursive handwriting?


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