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[D] Does the opaqueness of most dating app algorithms concern anyone else?

At the risk of sounding like I’m wearing a tinfoil hat, I’d like to vent regarding how messed up I think it is that most dating apps lack transparency when it comes to their match-making algorithms.

Before I jump in, let me just start by saying that a large percentage of dating takes place online these days. Therefore, anyone who wants to argue that we should all just meet in person can kindly frick off because you’re missing the point of this post.

My reasoning is as follows:

  1. How a dating algorithm functions will directly impact one’s chance of successfully finding a mate.
  2. Whether or not you can find a good mate will have a huge impact on your overall quality of life, mental health, financial success, etc.
  3. The ability to alter an algorithm to selectively favor or disfavor certain populations chance at successful mating via tweeking of a few lines of code is a unique superpower never before unleashed upon the world.
  4. Setting aside any notions of bad actors purposely inhibiting your ability to get laid (which who knows… maybe that could happen), isn’t it at all concerning that this mega-powerful ability has close to zero public oversight?

And yes, I’ll have to admit that part of the reason I am making this post is that I honestly feel like I might have been shadowbanned on Tinder for reasons that are unclear to me. It’s just a hunch of course, but it seems bizarre how much my match rate has decreased over the past couple of years. I’m bothered that I have no insight into why this might be. Maybe I’m only allowed to date people in my economic circle (i.e. poor) with the rest of the undesirables. Maybe I haven’t posted on Reddit enough in the past. Dunno.

I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this matter.

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