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[D] I have an idea that I think is important and possibly commercially viable but I don’t have the time or domain expertise to make it happen

Privacy is becoming more and more important, especially with the availability of facial detection. For people who insist on using Facebook and Instagram, I’ve had the idea to apply adversarial noise to people’s faces to sanitize them before they’re uploaded online. The problem is how to generalize the noise so it’s effective against as many models as possible, and I imagine if that’s even possible that it would distort the image too much to be worth using. Another question I’ve had is are the models even available to test against? I know black box attacks exist, but how effective are they? And how hard is it to generate an effective attack if the weights are changed?

Like I said, I don’t have the expertise to fully follow through on this and I’d love if it actually came to fruition, or maybe the field isn’t quite there yet, but I wanted to put it out there just in case.

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