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[P] Introducing Valohai – The managed platform for building production-scale machine learning.

Hi everyone!

We’re Valohai, a platform for running experiments in the cloud with full version control.

It would be great if you’d sign up for a free account and gave us your feedback.

Some of the features of Valohai:

  • Tech-agnostic by design. Whatever language or library you are using, we can run it
  • Cloud-agnostic by design. Run the same project easily in Azure, AWS, GCP or on-premise hardware
  • Experiments are fully versioned and reproducible. All code, data, logs, metrics, models, and environments are stored for later use and other team members to see
  • Cloud instances are started and stopped automatically. Don’t waste your money on those idle machines!
  • Link your git or GitHub repository directly for automatic code pull
  • Jupyter notebook support using the Jupyhai plugin
  • For more advanced users, we have a robust CLI and a fully documented API

More info in our website and docs.

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