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[P] (Early Stage) kaggledatasets will make things easy – Looking for Contributions & Reviews

kaggledatasets: Collection of Kaggle Datasets ready for everyone to use.

It is a Python package which will contain several high voted kaggle datasets made available in easy to use format with special support for frameworks like Tensorflow 2.0 and PyTorch.

Every beginner in ML/DL/Data Science struggles in the initial stages of Data Loading and Pre-processing. Kaggle being the gold mine of datasets, it’s necessary to make it easy to use for everyone.

For the folks who have used tf.datasets or torchvision datasets, this is something similar to that and only for Kaggle 🙂

And hold on, support for more datasets and more types is on the way. Feel free to contribute and add datasets. Also, looking for experienced developers who can contribute to the architecture of the project or provide reviews for improvement.


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