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[D] Using deep learning models and advanced sports statistics to predict daily fantasy football scores for my capstone project

Hello again. Like I mentioned in another post I’m currently working on my capstone project proposal and I was interesting in researching deep learning models and do something about that. I appreciate the feedback I got regarding the stock price prediction proposal and in fact I got more or less the same feedback from my teachers.

I came up with the following project proposal and I was wondering if you can give me any further feedback about it, since my teachers have been stonewalling me on this matter: I want to use advanced sports statistics (basically FootballOutsiders’ statistics) along with traditional statistics and RNN to predict how many fantasy football points each player is going to score for a given week. I’m focusing on daily fantasy football since it’s easier to do without great point fluctuations that I would get trying to predict their season-long performance (due to injury, scheme change, coaching changes, etc). Then I would apply an optimization algorithm to come up with an optimal team that meets the salary cap constraint that most DFF competitions have.

I’ve researched a bit and didn’t find many studies dealing with this subject, and those that did focused on more basic models like linear regression.

Do you think it’s a worthwhile subject to work on?

Thank you

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