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[D] Does this sound like I have a reasonable chance at an interview/employee referral?

So I’m premed, but I’m also doing undergrad research in machine learning. Unfortunately, my university is very sparse in terms of machine learning research (there really isn’t any going on).

I found an MD (physician) who happens to have a research role at a Big N company. I checked his LinkedIn, and he’s only been there for 2 years. Because he’s a doctor, I would assume he’s a bit further removed from most standard administrative and workplace stuff than the average Big N employee (am I correct to assume this?). I guess you could consider him to be more of an “adjunct” there – though I really have no idea how it works for a doctor at a tech company.

Anyway, I emailed him saying “if I do really well on the MCAT, and do [list of tasks to learn/practice ML]”, will you put me past the HR resume filter for an interview?

This was his first response: “Sounds reasonable to me. Internships are pretty competitive for some of the teams at [Big N] and some but not all look for students in graduate studies. As long as you enjoy your studies and are passionate about what you are doing, you will be on the right path.”

Me: “It’s my understanding that someone at Big N reaches out to HR, and from there I’m put in touch with a recruiter who starts the interview process. If I pass the interview, HR then confirms with the initial employee/team that there’s an open spot for an intern in the group. If I meet the goals I’ve outlined, would you or someone else on your team be comfortable with reaching out to HR to start the process?”

Him: “i’m not sure if internal referrals change the process for intern selection, which generally has its own application process. feel free to reach out again as you get closer to applying and we can see”

So I’ve met one component of the “goals I’ve outlined” (did really well on the MCAT), and I’ll easily be able to accomplish the rest. Do his responses sound like he was just being polite/he very likely won’t be able to put me past the resume filter? I’m not sure if I should actually consider this an “in” or not hahaha

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