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[D] – Finding research collaborators for medical AI projects outside of my university

As the title entails; how may I find researchers / engineers / students (MSc or PhD) to collaborate with on a project outside of the sphere of my own university? Is there any community where experts are able to network and form collaborations? I’m super eager to do some research on the side.

Already been offered to be involved with several projects at my university, but none of them interest me (mainly been related to either utilizing geometric DL for glaucoma or U-net for lung carcinoma) – and so I wish to look beyond this city.

More information, if relevant:

  • My domain expertise lies in healthcare/medicine, education, and gaming industry – but I am open to exploring other domains.
  • Since I know some people care; my university is ranked worldwide top <40 in engineering. My master’s degree is in machine learning, with a bachelor’s degree in medical engineering (I can verify this).
  • Due to affiliation with my universty, I am eligible to publish to arXiv without an endorsement from a registered author.
  • I work as a machine learning consultant and data science instructor alongside my studies.
  • I’m very familiar with other technologies, such as Kafka and its ecosystem, Flutter, and more.

To clarify; I am looking for, in particular, people that already know a lot of machine learning who wish to collaborate on a research project – whether it’d be deep reinforcement learning, bayesian deep learning, or whatever else. Hence why I didn’t feel like this would be appropriate to post at /r/learnmachinelearning

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