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[P] torchdata: Implement map, cache, filter etc. within PyTorch’s Datasets (like Tensorflow’s and more)

Hi /r/MachineLearning,

What is torchdata

I would like to present you a new open source PyTorch based project (torchdata) which extends capabilities of by bringing map, cache and other operations known from (and actually a little more than that).

All that with a single line of code: super().__init__()

For more, check documentation or github repository.

Functionalities Overview

  • Use map, apply, reduce or filter
  • cache data in RAM or on disk (even partial caching, say first 20% RAM and the rest on disk)
  • Full PyTorch’s Dataset and IterableDataset support (including torchvision)
  • General torchdata.maps like Flatten or Select
  • Concrete torchdata.datasets designed for file reading and other general tasks


  • Create image reading dataset

    import torchdata import torchvision class Images(torchdata.Dataset): # Different inheritance def __init__(self, path: str): super().__init__() # This is the only change self.files = [file for file in pathlib.Path(path).glob("*")] def __getitem__(self, index): return[index]) def __len__(self): return len(self.files) 
  • map each element to torch.Tensor and cache() everything in memory:

    images = Images("./data").map(torchvision.transforms.ToTensor()).cache() 
  • concatenate with labels (another torchdata.Dataset instance) and iterate over:

    for data, label in images | labels: # Do whatever you want with your data 


pip is the easiest of course:

 pip install torchdata 

You can also use nightly releases (torchdata-nightly) or GPU/CPU Docker based images (check documentation). Hopefully conda will be released soon as well, stay tuned

BTW. You can also checkout torchfunc, I plan to make a separate post about that in a week or so.

Thanks for checking the above, any input would be welcome (either here or on github)

submitted by /u/szymonmaszke
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