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[D] looking for ML theory researchers

hello, I’m looking for researchers who work on the theoretical side of ML (learning theory, privacy, architecture search and model compression, etc) to speak in remote spotlight sessions. For context, we have been creating a large repository of ML papers turned into in-depth discussion videos (YouTube channel, website), and recently started inviting paper authors to speak about their work remotely. This would be a great contribution to the ML community, but also a good way to get exposure for your work.

If interested, please email us ([](, DM here, comment on this, idk make some sort of noise so that I know you’re out there, and let’s talk.


  • prepare a 20-30 mins talk about one of your papars
  • spend 20-30 mins in Q&A with the session moderator and the audience (through live chat read to you by the moderator)
  • hop on a video call with us, share your screen, bam!

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