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[Project] [Discussion] Capturing and acting on customer intent in the ecommerce space

I’ve been working in ecommerce exclusively for the past four years, and a lot of that time has been spent shaping customer experience using tools like Saleforce’s Einstein (within the context of Salesforce Commerce Cloud). That work tends to focus on products and their attributes first and foremost, but we’re also beginning to gather more browsing data to build better models for customer intent (to drive more conversions, show more effective presentations of products, etc.).

That all drove me pretty deeply down the rabbit hole, and I started writing about it to try to get some of my ideas solidified. I wrote this piece about activity nodes, successful endpoints, behavioral cohorts, and ways to tie that all together to rank, predict, and drive desired outcomes.

Anyway, I’d love to discuss it if anyone is interested, because this is an area where I don’t get the chance to delve deeply with my own team or colleagues (it’s really not in their wheelhouse, and we have too much focused work to do for thought experiments on the clock).

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