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[P] Train an AI for Visually Impaired People in 10 minutes

Help us train an AI that recognizes hands. We will be able to further develop our app for Visually Impaired People (VIP) using tactile images in swell/embossed/raised paper. This way they won’t need another person to explain what they are touching, the app will see their hand position and explain what they are touching. What if mom can’t help with Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography homework? Use our app! A big leap towards e-learning and self-developing tool for VIPs.

I made a video (English captions available) to better explain the situation: what we have and what we need. Useful for distributing on social media?

Video with what the app learned by now: It only works with limited parameters and is not very precise – that’s why we are asking for support to improve it. Please take pictures in different lighting, from different angles, with different textures. Various hand sizes and skin tones welcome!

WHAT TO DO (for IOS): If you have an iPhone, download the IOS app from here: (First, install TestFlight from Apple, then install Keypoints app. No accounts needed.)

Short tutorial: – take pictures by touching the left upper corner camera button – after taking the pictures a folder will appear in the app. Open it and set the points as seen in the tutorial – after you finish setting the markers, use the right upper corner send button to send them to by email or transfer (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)

Keypoints (as seen in the pictograms down the screen) are: 1. Index finger tip 2. Index finger base 3. Thumb tip 4. Little finger base

Only place keypoints on the visible hand elements. If 1, 2, 3 or 4 are not visible do not activate that keypoint(s). You can always reset the points by using the curve arrow on top right. You can finish setting keypoints some other time. You can also continue taking pictures anytime. Just remember to send us the pictures after setting keypoints. After sending the pictures you can delete the folder by sliding left on it.

WHAT TO DO (for nonIOS): If you don’t have an IOS device, just take 50 pictures and send them to through online transfer.

submitted by /u/TactileImages
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