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Help needed on a Deep Reinforcement Model controlling a Traffic Situation Between Cars(Science Fair)[Project]

I wanted to use a Reinforcement Learning Model in order to simulate traffic situations. The agent would learn how to control a network of cars stuck in deep traffic in order to increase efficiency, and reduce the amount of harmful gas released into the air. I want to be able to make a 2d environment that can simulate the potential that Reinforcement Learning has in traffic situations. If I finish this part, and if this next part is feasible, I will do this part.

Extra Part: After making this model, I wanted to make an app, or an extension of google maps, that would be controlled by the agent in real traffic situations. The agent would advise the network of drivers to go at a certain speed and time to increase efficiency, and potentially reduce the amount of accidents made in traffic situations.

Question: How would I create a virtual 2d environment where I could control a car or multiple cars with artificial intelligence. Is there a course that I could take, or a method that should be followed(like using unity machine learning)?

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