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[D] Shouldn’t we be doing more than complaining about patents and hoping they won’t affect our research and development activities?

Check out this newly issued patent (filed in Sept. 2014) that appears to shut down the entire discipline of ML as it applies to classifying different machine actions with AI.

I’m paraphrasing / simplifying so it’s probably not completely accurate, but it looks like this tries to patent:

1. Receiving training data from channels on-board (not external to) a mobile machine;

2. Determining training features/data and corresponding labels from the training data;

3. Where the labels/data relate to different machine actions (as opposed to simply active or inactive) each occurring over different time periods;

4. Building the classifier by feeding training features/data and labels into a ML algorithm.

Surely this was known prior to the Sept. 2014 filing date of this patent. Is anyone else looking for a green light to continue to innovate in this space? Would be curious if anyone is aware of, or can find, an earlier public document that overlaps with the main claims of this patent. Thanks!! PS – yes, I’ve googled and found some relevant documents, but have not yet found a single document that expressly includes all 4 items listed above.

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