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[D] What is the reality of machine learning engineer?

I’m a physics engineer but I don’t find much attraction for the jobs and I feel kind of like escaping reality/responsibilities for a little bit by going back to school.

Before finishing school, I remembered telling people how I wanted to do ML and that my internship I did on computer vision was inspiring, that I wanted to do more project on that, etc. Now I have a job and, while very serious and “important” I’m left contemplating this avenue once more. I see at my current job how data crunching is important and tedious. I’m not sure how a ML project could easily be incorporated in a company that still relies on DOS systems but I see how crucial statistical analysis are to find root cause to production problems.

I’m increasingly tempted for the above reason to hop into a 1 year professional master program on AI. However, I wonder what’s the kind of job in medium/big corporate for data/ML engineer? I’m not looking to be a programmer because I’m not that young (28) and have a big physics background (I’m not competitive vs. someone who studied computer science for example). Should I attempt this? I know asking strangers is not the wisest but I find helpful to hear from some one else experience.

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