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[P] Pytorch Implementation of GANimation with pretrained weights.

[P] Pytorch Implementation of GANimation with pretrained weights.

Hi all!

TL;TR I shared on GitHub an implementation of a Conditional GAN model called GANimation. I include pretrained weights and a preprocessed dataset as well.

A few months ago I became really interested in a project called GANimation. The authors (Pumarola et al.) of this project were able to train a Conditional GAN model capable of modifying facial expressions in a continuous way. This sounded really interesting to me and I wanted to play with the model, but when I tried the author’s implementation in my computer I had problems with the training process and I didn’t find any pre-trained weights. As at that moment I also wanted to learn PyTorch, I decided to create my own implementation. As this project was really similar to StarGAN I started cloning their repo and I used it as baseline.

In this implementation I provide pretrained models and a preprocessed dataset to facilitate the use of this model. I also included the functions to create the following video.

Applying the expression of the face in the first column to each image in the top row.

Although there’s a lot to improve and clean in the code, I hope it can be useful for anyone that wants to use this model.

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