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[P] How I made a meme face using ML



This is a fun project I made while learning about object detection with haar cascades. Like, everyone, I too like the thug life memes. But to make a meme face of your friend you have to add the pixelated glasses on your own. I wrote a python program that automatically finds the eyes and places the pixelated glasses on them. I first tried with a haar cascade that can find the eyes but that didn’t produce good results after placing the glasses. After that, I tried a face detecting haar cascade. My idea was…I don’t have to find the eyes I just have to know where the eyes lie on the face. I divided the face(a rectangle) into 4 parts by 3 horizontal lines. The eyes generally lie on the 2nd part from the top. So the program just places the glasses on the 2nd part of the face. To my surprise, this simple idea produced better results than the former one!

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