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[P] GPT-2 medium fine-tuned on “Top Gear” subtitles, the cutting edge of cocking about!

I wonder why no one else has done it, so I do it myself. The results are impressive if you carefully do the cherry-picking.

It can babble car reviews in Clarkson’s style

> The Audi has more power, more torque, more grip, more braking power, and I agree with you, it’s a great car but look at it, look at that beautiful body.

> “Am I better off as a Bentley S197 when it’s half an inch wider?” which is what you had to ask yourselves is that’s really good car, when you buy it.

> The first of the two cars we looked at was the BMW M3, and from an engineering perspective, it doesn’t look like much to look at but that was because BMWs were made in a similar way to Fords but with more space and better-looking headlights, and that’s what really matters. The Porsche did as well.

Sometimes it can generate great introductions for The Stig

> Some say he once smeared his milk onto his body, and that he once had a threesome with a dead pig. All we know is, he’s called The Stig.

> Some say he has a penis implant. And that he is the most boring man in the world. All we know is, he’s called The Stig

Planning to improve the performance and make a showcase web app, any suggestions are appreciated.

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