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high-res (+4MP) neural-style with home PC?

My specs: i5-2500k 16GB RAM, 6000 on Passmark, Nvidia 660 2GB GPU.

It’s not super new and fantastic, but still a decent older machine.

So here is what I already learned by experimenting:

  1. jcjohnson/neural-style (and similar) is a total dead end. High-res eats infinite amounts of RAM, both in CPU and GPU mode, that even super computers can’t provide. You can do 512px at home max, and 1024px max if you rent time at some TESLA farm and that is it.
  2. Tiling produces total garbage shit results that are unusable and wrong in virtually all cases of use to essentially no one. Don’t even try this, even if people claim it can produce acceptable results. It doesn’t, and it never does except in maybe 1% of the cases.
  3. chainer-fast-neuralstyle: I am trying this now. Its not a dead end. I don’t know what kind of RAM you need for a 10MP and 20MP image, but it’s not 32 petaquads as with neural-style. I can do 4MP easily at home, supposedly (I hope?).

Chainer-fast-neuralstyle requires you to train a style image specific model on a 20GB dataset, which takes like 20 hours. And then on my home machine a 3.2MP image takes like 1-1.5 hours to style with that one and only model.

I must say in retrospective, I just wanted to print a 60x40cm portrait of myself as an oil painting and not pay 20 bucks on But now letting my PC fume for 5 days on this stuff, I surely have paid this in electricity (Germany) when I am finished.

I wonder have you made experiences and maybe a better solution?

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