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[D] The Zima Blue Episode of Love, Death & Robots is an excellent way to demonstrate the unexpected way ML models layer on top of each other

So a little late to the party, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the ZIMA Blue episode of Love, Death & Robots in regard to Machine Learning.

*Spoilers* The plot involves an intergalactically famous artist creating a final art piece in which he reveals he was a sophisticated Android that was giving up his (for lack of a better word) Sentience in order to return to his earliest form as a pool cleaner.

Though the episode was obviously an allegory for the human condition craving familiarity & nostalgia, I thought the writers did a great job capturing how hard it is to tell how different inputs (or combinations and layerings of inputs) will impact the development of an AI over time.

I recorded a more in-depth audio breakdown of my thoughts here for anyone interested:

The subtle way Love, Death & Robots introduces us to the fundamentals of Machine Learning

And I also had a conversation with an AI researcher on the novelty of Ex Machina in explaining how hard it will be to test future AI:

A shallow dip into the ethics of AI

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